General Anaesthetic Services

Services We Provide

Pre-operative assessment

Face to face and telephone consultations are scheduled for most patients needing elective admission to our intensive care units.

This has a dual purpose:

1. To inform and discuss the patients’ planned treatment including anaesthetic and postoperative care

2. To optimise pre-existing medical conditions.

anaesthetic provision

MIC provides consultants with accreditation in both intensive care medicine and anaesthesia. Our consultants have expertise in anaesthesia for cardiac, thoracic, hepatobiliary, colorectal and complex gynaecological cancer surgery.

Working with our surgical colleagues in the operating theatre, as well as caring for their patients on intensive care, consolidates our relationship and creates a deep understanding of the perioperative management requirements of patients undergoing complex surgical procedures.

Paramedical Staff

MIC provides fully trained paramedical staff including operating department practitioners (ODPs) to support anaesthetic services.

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