Critical Care Services


Midland Intensive Care provides a service built on the recognition that intensive care activity in the independent sector is significantly different from the public sector. Most patients are treated electively following high acuity surgery which affords significant opportunities to optimise the experience and care for patients needing intensive care treatment.

Our model of care is flexible, resilient and robust, using a mix of full and part time independent consultants. Infact, MIC has provided continuous consultant cover at Circle Priory Hospital in Edgbaston for more than 3500 days, with cover maintained throughout the Covid-19 pandemic despite the manpower demands imposed by the NHS.

MIC understands that best clinical outcomes require effective teamwork and the involvement of expert clinicians. Therefore, our intensivist groups are limited to 5 or 6 consultants per hospital, selected to ensure their specialist areas of expertise fit the case mix in each specific facility. This approach nurtures effective working relations with our consultant surgeon, physician, and nursing colleagues.

Services We Provide

anaesthetic provision

MIC provides consultants with accreditation in both intensive care medicine and anaesthesia. Our consultants have expertise in anaesthesia for cardiac, thoracic, hepatobiliary, colorectal and complex gynaecological cancer surgery.

Working with our surgical colleagues in the operating theatre, as well as caring for their patients on intensive care, consolidates our relationship and creates a deep understanding of the perioperative management requirements of patients undergoing complex surgical procedures.

intensive care

MIC provides 24/7 consultant intensivist cover including daily ward rounds, morning and evening, and urgent patient review as required.

Ward care

24/7 support for the ward team in management of pain issues and the deteriorating patient.

Clinical Governance and Hospital Management

Effective clinical governance and clinical pathway optimisation underpins our patients’ healthcare experience.

MIC consists of consultants with years of experience working in clinical management at the operational and strategic level in the public and private sector. It actively supports the hospitals it works through representation on the following committees and panels:

  • Intensive care representative on medical advisory committee
  • Hospital resuscitation committee
  • Hospital governance committee
  • Morbidity and mortality meetings

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