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Midland Intensive Care was founded in 2012 with the aim to ensure patients treated in the independent healthcare sector in Birmingham had access to first class intensive care treatment that met or exceeded the standards set out by the Intensive Care Society.

MIC has adopted a multifaceted approach to achieve this aim at the independent hospitals it works with. It supplies consultant intensivists, advises on clinical standards, supports nursing and non-training grade intensive care doctors, and provides representation on various management and governance committees.

Over the years, MIC has expanded its services. We supply consultant anaesthetists and surgeons for high acuity surgical procedures in the acute hospital setting, and anaesthetists and paramedical staff for procedural sedation in stand-alone independent clinics.

Our model of staff provision is flexible, resilient and robust with ITU, anaesthetic and procedural services fully covered throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Established track record of reliable and high-quality service
  • Expert in intensive care and anaesthetic management for all major medical and surgical specialties including peri-operative care for cardiothoracic, hepatobiliary and complex cancer surgical patients
  • Consultant intensive care groups limited to 5 or 6 members to promote teamwork and effective working relationships with consultant surgeon, physician and nursing colleagues
  • Resilient and flexible consultant cover model
  • Over 3500 procedural sedation cases performed in the clinic setting

Services We Provide

Intensive Care medicine

Our expertise spans all the major specialties including cardiothoracic surgery, oncology, and general medicine. All our Consultants are Fellows of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and have years of teaching hospital experience working in the intensive care environment.

Midland Intensive Care provides Consultant intensivists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for both elective and emergent patients requiring treatment in intensive care.
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Procedural Sedation

The Midland Conscious Sedation Group only uses Consultant anaesthetists. We use target-controlled propofol infusions to deliver conscious sedation. This provides excellent operating conditions and a high quality experience for patients.

The rapid recovery associated with this technique results in increased efficiency and activity levels and dental surgeons can focus solely on the surgical procedure.

We provide a full service which includes the provision of infusion pumps, monitoring equipment and sedative, pain killer and resuscitation drugs.
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General Anaesthetic Services

MIC provides consultants with accreditation in both intensive care medicine and anaesthesia. Our consultants have expertise in anaesthesia for cardiac, thoracic, hepatobiliary, colorectal and complex gynaecological cancer surgery.

Working with our surgical colleagues in the operating theatre, as well as caring for their patients on intensive care, consolidates our relationship and creates a deep understanding of the perioperative management requirements of patients undergoing complex surgical procedures.
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